Co-packing and Packaging

Co-Packing and Packaging

By your Side in every phase of the Supply Chain

PGM Logistica offers your company crucial support for managing inbound logistics and looking after the supply chain, from collection at suppliers to temporary warehousing and entry at production plants.

Our Inbound Logistics Services:

Contract packing includes packaging, packing and labelling carried out on behalf of the client at their own distribution centres in order to increase flexibility in the management and restocking of goods. At the client’s request, we can carry out pre-retail operations, tailor-made packaging, shrink-wrapping and blister packs. PGM Logistica uses professional consultants to design tailor-made equipment and plants, based on the client’s request, in order to package, prepare and customise products.

Kitting is about putting special promotional items inside packages. While pre-assembly kitting involves completing the package with merchandise, starting from individual items.

We offer packing design solutions with our own experts who help the client with their experience and knowledge of any difficulties that could arise all throughout the logistics chain right up to delivery to the end customer. PGM Logistica – Door to Door Delivery lets you customise your standardised products so you can offer them exclusively with a marketing strategy that increases their visibility on the market.

Pre-Assembly Kitting
Packaging Design Project
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