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Thanks to our private customs warehouse, PGM Logistica can offer logistics designed for your needs, both nationally and in customs. Trust PGM with your warehouse and you will be able to count on set costs, cutting-edge IT systems integrated with the Italian Customs Agency and a team of experts here to help.

Our Customs Services

We provide the possibility of using our private customs warehouse in Bergamo, authorised and controlled by the customs authorities, so we can offer you major financial savings on VAT and duty advances.

With our private customs warehouse, we can guarantee a legal duty-suspension arrangement, in other words we let you hold goods from non-EU countries for an indefinite period of time in our warehouse in Bergamo, deferring the collection of customs duties for these goods until they are released for free circulation in the EU, permanently imported or sent to another customs warehouse. In this situation, the goods, while being on Italian soil, are stored as though they were in a foreign country; therefore, if they are forwarded to non-EU countries, no tax or customs duties shall be owed as they are considered in transit, in accordance with EU legislation.

We offer you the possibility of using our VAT warehouse in Bergamo, a physical warehouse as well as a tax regime intended for the safekeeping of goods; the purpose of our VAT warehouse is to defer payment of tax until the goods are taken from the warehouse to be released for consumption in Italy; our VAT warehouse also provides assistance primarily for trading within the EU: it is used for the safekeeping of national and EU goods which are not intended for retail sale, suspending payment of value added tax.

The local clearance procedure (an ordinary procedure at an approved venue) launched by us is an assisted customs clearance procedure which lets you send or receive goods directly in our customs spaces, completing any customs formalities directly on site.

Technically speaking, a tax warehouse is considered a facility where excise duty-suspended national and EU goods are held, received or shipped; thanks to special software interfaced with the Italian Customs Agency and Revenue Agency, our logistics company offers an excise duty-suspension service for warehoused goods. Years of experience serving major companies in the beer and wine sector mean we can offer this service with expertise and reliability.

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Local clearance procedure
Tax warehouse - excise duty suspension
The Advantages for your Company
Save Money

Defer payment of customs duties and taxes until goods are cleared from customs, therefore giving you more liquidity.

No Taxes or Duties

No taxes are owed if goods are transferred to another customs warehouse in the EU or sent to non-EU countries.

Perishable and Returned Goods or Unsold Lots

You can destroy, handle or return any goods that are no longer suitable, completely free from duties, VAT and excise duties.

Storage and/or Transfers from one Warehouse to another

You can store EU and non-EU goods, either in identifiable packages or in bulk and move them from and to another warehouse.

Stock Consignment

Stock consignment is a stockpile management technique whereby the goods remain the property of the foreign supplier until collection.

Usual forms of handling

Usual forms of product handling may be authorised to ensure their preservation, to improve their presentation or quality, and to prepare them for sale.

Slow-Moving Warehouses

The percentage of capital advanced for taxes, plus any potential interest, is directly proportional to the time in storage.

Temporary Removal

You can temporarily remove goods for specific purposes, assessed on a case-by-case basis, if not already requested for authorisation.

Immediate And Scheduled Availability

Goods can quickly be made available depending on scheduling. 

Inward Processing/Processing Regime

This lets you import goods intended for processing in the EU, without paying any agricultural levies or duties, and then re-export them outside the EU.

High-Duty Goods And Long Supply Times

Our customs warehouse can be better than taking on the risk and costs of “traditional” importing, without having already acquired the order.